Jul 22 2016

Body & Mind

Montessori was concerned with the health of the whole child, and early years settings would do well to follow a similar philosophy today, says Barbara Isaacs…

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Jul 05 2016

MSA’s response to the Department for Education consultation on ‘Amending the childcare disqualification arrangements in schools and non-domestic registered settings’


At the MEAB conference on 10 June, it was decided to ask attendees for their views on this latest government consultation so that MSA’s response would receive added weight. 125 delegates attended the conference and their views are summarised below. These views will be submitted to DfES by 1st July – the final date for responses.

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Jun 22 2016

Montessori St Nicholas Fifth Annual Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board School Leaders’ Conference

The fifth Annual Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) School Leaders’ Conference was hosted on Friday 10 June at the Institute of Education, University College, London, by Montessori St Nicholas, the leading charity for Montessori in the UK.

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Jun 20 2016

MSA Chairman’s blog on Public Accounts Committee report

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee yesterday published a report on the entitlement to free early years education and childcare (http://www.parliament.uk/business/public-accounts-committee/report/entitlement-to-free-early years-education-and childcare). It notes that 94% of three year-olds and 99% of four year olds take up the current free places, whilst only 58% of disadvantaged two year olds take up their places. In 2015-16 £2.7 billion was given to local authorities for these places which were used by 1.5 million children.

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May 23 2016

Nurturing speech

That we must strive to ensure children have a strong foundation in spoken language is one of Montessori’s most important lessons, says Barbara Isaacs…

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May 18 2016

Childcare Act and the White Paper

The purpose of this paper is to outline the government’s proposals for early years. Apologies for the length, but you will see the amount of documentation recently produced!

The Childcare Bill received Royal Assent on 16 March and its contents are beginning to be implemented. As I have noted previously, the Act is short – what has been described as a ‘skeleton Bill’ – and a plethora of papers have come from DfE as it begins to implement the proposals.

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