Nov 18 2015


The MCI Training Directory has been replaced by the SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016

The seminar directory can be found on the MCI website by following this link

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Nov 04 2015

Nature in Education – MSA National Conference 2016

12th March 2016

At the Institute of Education, UCL


This year’s conference is inspired by the following quotation from ‘The Nature Principle’, the latest publication by Richard Louv, our distinguished keynote speaker: “The future will belong to the nature-smart—those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

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Oct 28 2015

Outdoor experiences

The learning potential of the natural world has been at the heart of Montessori practice since its earliest days, explains Barbara Isaacs…

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Oct 23 2015

MSA Chairman’s update August 2015

The end of last term saw several interesting developments affecting the 30 hours’ funded places and Ofsted. The Childcare Bill going through the House of Lords has proved to be addressing a more complex issue than some appear to have thought. We are pleased that the Minister, Lord Nash, has been working with Lord True to resolve some of the concerns and MSA is due to meet the Minister in early September along with Lord True. We will keep you posted on the outcomes. In my view, many of the problems stem from poorly co-ordinated policies which come together to make a series of demands which cannot be easily reconciled. Thus we have the level of funding for two, three and four year old places not meeting the actual costs providers incur for the places. At the same time, the sector is being told to raise the qualifications of its workforce – something Montessori has enthusiastically embraced, seeing it as means of increasing both quality and credibility. Yet the implications for staff salaries have not been considered. Similarly the introduction of the ‘national living wage’ (NLW) from April 2016 is forecast to plunge the nursery sector into a deficit of ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’, according to the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA). We will keep you updated on developments.

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Oct 20 2015

Montessori International Issue 117: Welcome from the Editor

As a lifelong avid reader I have always felt an affinity with words, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for numbers. So it has been interesting for me – and something of an education – to have an issue of the magazine on the topic of mathematics; with articles on a range of themes within that main topic.

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Oct 07 2015


We invite MSA members to participate in the ENABLE 2015 Conference.  Some of the world’s leading childcare experts will be sharing their knowledge with early years professionals and parents at a visionary new conference – E N A B L E  2 0 1 5  - to be held in London on the 5th of November 2015.  Use the ‘MONTESSORI’ code for £70 off the full price

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