May 14 2013

MCI Poland Launch

New Montessori Training Centre launching in Warsaw, Poland on 18th May 2013

About the Author: Montessori UK

Montessori St Nicholas Charity, is the leading organisation for Montessori learning. The Charity works to support Montessori across the UK through:

Helping to facilitate the unification of the Montessori movement across the UK.

Awards and finance initiatives that support the development of Montessori education in the fields of training grants for individuals, equipment and advice.

Funding research and development into the value and effectiveness of Montessori education.

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One Response to MCI Poland Launch

  1. Anna Steele May 19, 2013 at 11:29 am

    I have only one question: How can I get involved with MCI Warsaw? I am MCI trained and Polish. I live in Bristol UK and work in Stoke Bishop Montessori School. I love teaching children and adults. My passion is making materials to support children’s learning. I am just about to run third MSA regional workshop of Materials Making in Bristol. I feel Montessori should be more popularised in Poland and I am so glad MCI is setting up there.

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